I Own Over 100 Pairs Of Shoes But All I Wear Are…

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If you read my Tieks review from several months ago, you already know how much I adore my Metallic Pewter pair. What you may not know, however, is how I feel about my Tieks in comparison to all the other shoes in my (slightly extravagant) collection.

It’s probably been 5 years since I actually counted how many shoes I own, and my collection has definitely expanded since then. Before I sat down to write this post though, that’s exactly what I did. The final tally? 104.

I know what you’re thinking—104 pairs of shoes is too many for any human being, right? I’ll admit I have a bit of a shoe addiction, but in my defense I’ve accumulated my collection over many years, and I’ve always been good at rotating what shoes I wear so (almost) all of them get good use. That being said, after getting my first pair of Tieks, I feel like I’ve been neglecting all my other shoes. Really though, in the last three weeks or so, I think the only time I’ve worn something other than my Tieks was at the gym. Even on NYE I wore heels but stashed my Tieks in my purse for the inevitable shoe change once my feet started killing me. I’ve been going for my Tieks every single day because they’re just THAT comfortable and THAT versatile. Not to be dramatic, but Tieks are sort of…life changing.


Believe it or not, over half the shoes in my collection are ballet flats. You name the brand I probably own a pair currently or have tried them in the past. NONE have come close to the comfort of my Tieks. I’ve put my feet through the ringer with my love of flats. I’m talking countless blisters, cuts, and a whole lot of foot pain over the years. Before my Tieks I’d pretty much come to accept that ballets flats were inherently uncomfortable for long periods of time. You’d think that would stop me from buying more, but alas, my addiction is real.


Fast forward to the first time I put on my Tieks. I could tell they were different from other flats I’ve tried. Softer, cushier, more flexible. For me, they felt perfect right out of the box, and they’ve only gotten more comfortable since. The best way I can describe them is a second skin—the leather has molded to the shape of my feet to the point that I sometimes forget I’m even wearing shoes.

The best thing about Tieks though, isn’t that they’re luxuriously comfortable or effortlessly chic, it’s that they’re both! I can’t even describe what a relief it is to have finally found a brand of flats that doesn’t require me to sacrifice comfort for style. Tieks always look sleek and sophisticated, so you can dress them up or down with ease. In the short time I’ve owned my Tieks I’ve worn them to work, happy hour, brunch, a wedding, to go shopping, run errands, and literally everywhere in between. They have quickly become my anywhere, anytime, everyday (and night) shoe. Not to mention, they are amazing for travel! When I took a trip to the East Coast to visit family over the holidays, my Tieks were a lifesaver. Their split-sole allowed them to fold up really compact so they took up almost no room in my carry-on, and easily slipped on and off so I could zip through security. Needless to say, I’ll never travel without my Tieks again.

Anyways, I fell so in love with my Metallic Pewter pair that I ended up treating myself to two more pairs before the end of 2016! Rose Gold Glam came first, in October. I’m a sucker for sparkle, and this pair was just calling my name! I love them every bit as much as my Pewter pair. Then, in December, I bought California Navy. I was on the Tieks website buying pairs as Christmas gifts and just couldn’t help myself!



So you might be wondering, what’s next for my shoe collection now that I’ve found one brand that puts the rest to shame? Well…I can’t believe I’m saying this, let alone writing it down, but…I’m beginning a shoe purge. First to go will be all the flats I’ll never wear again, which means every pair except my Tieks!

I tend to get emotionally attached to my clothing, so no doubt my shoe purge will be a process. In the end though it will all be worth it, because it means I can start building up my Tieks collection! Did I mention Tieks has over 50 styles to choose from?!! Literally my idea of heaven. If you haven’t checked out their Boutiek yet, I highly recommend doing that now. You and your feet can thank me later 😉