Month: February 2023

The Secret To Shopping For Cashmere

Helpful tips to helping you find the perfect cashmere

What Does Ply Mean? 

 Have you ever wondered what makes cashmere so special, or why it can be so expensive? The answer lies in the ply of the fabric. Ply is a measurement of how many strands are twisted together to make up the yarn. The more strands twisted together, the higher quality the fabric and the softer it is. To get an idea of what ply means when shopping for cashmere, let’s take a closer look at this luxurious fabric. 

Cashmere Quality Measurement 

Ply is a measure of quality when it comes to cashmere. The higher the number of strands in a ply, the better quality and softer your cashmere will be. A two-ply yarn means that two strands have been twisted together to make one yarn, while four-ply yarn has four strands twisted together in one yarn. Generally speaking, four-ply is considered superior due to its superior softness and durability; however, there are some exceptions where two-ply can be just as good (or even better) than four-ply! 

Tips for Shopping for Cashmere 

When shopping for cashmere, look out for two indicators of quality: ply and weight. Heavier weight fabrics will last longer and wear better over time than lighter weight fabrics, while higher plies will give you an incredibly soft finish that feels luxurious against your skin. Additionally, look out for signs that your chosen garment has been dyed correctly; many cheaper items will fade quickly after washing or rubbing against other materials – so always check care labels before buying! 

It’s also important to note that not all plys are equal when it comes to cashmere – some are made from finer fibers which create luxury garments with incredible softness and longevity. So don’t shy away from investing in something special if you really want to experience the best cashmere has to offer! 

No matter your budget or style preference, there is a perfect piece of cashmere out there for everyone – but only if you know what you’re looking for! Ply is an important indicator of quality when it comes to this luxurious fabric; higher plies mean softer garments with more longevity. So next time you’re shopping for cashmere remember these tips and find yourself something special!