Month: September 2016

Gucci Disco Bag

I’ve been in the market for a smaller, cross-body purse for a while and this one really caught my eye. Since I didn’t have time to check it out in person, I ordered it online and decided to do a little review for my blog!

The first thing I loved about this bag was the bright pink patent leather. Isn’t it just delicious? When it comes to small bags, I think it’s more fun to go with a bright punch of color instead of playing it safe with a neutral. It really makes the bag stand out more and with a purse this pretty, attention is a good thing.


Normally I carry a bigger purse that I tend to (over)pack my whole life into, so I was a little nervous about going with something smaller. I mean, would I survive being out in the world without toting around 14 different lip balms and 5 varieties of hand sanitizer? While this bag appears to be small, looks can be deceiving. With some room to spare, it holds all the essentials I would actually need for running errands or going out for the evening, but the compact size keeps me from tossing in stuff that would just end up being purse clutter.



Here’s what I was able to fit inside without the purse looking like it was going to burst at the seams:

This works great as a cross-body bag, but the strap is adjustable so it can accommodate a variety of lengths in case you wanted to carry it as more of a traditional shoulder bag. I really love how the classic shape will look great for years to come, but the bright pink patent leather and matching tassel attached to the zipper add a fun, modern touch. The inside is roomy enough that I don’t struggle with getting things in and out of it and the two interior pockets are helpful for keeping things extra organized.

All in all, this purse is definitely a keeper and I’ve been really loving not lugging around a clunky larger bag. It also compliments any outfit – whether you’re rocking a classic jeans and t-shirt look or sporting a cute dress for a night on the town. 

Oh, and it turns out I CAN get by with just one lip balm when I’m out and about! 😉